Thursday, February 11, 2010

Saved by the Soul of Creativity

When a plethora of opportunistic directions all converge at once is that considered a gift? Everything seems optimistic yet a great sense of pressure and confusion lies in the decision making process. Which route to take? What is my best avenue for my future? Is there a wrong decision? If I don't chose one will I regret it? If I'm supposed to be in the now, how will this resolve the decisions I must make (if any) for my future? Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.
 I felt it necessary to post these drive by photos of last months road trip when my decision making process was relaxed, content and focused with a sprinkle of whimsy. Keeping my creative side flowing allows me to remain in a much calmer state. I feel as if I need to be saved from my confusions. I'm in much need of "being still" and "letting be". This version of this song helps release the unwanted frustrations (thanks to a friend "RO" for posting it so I can share it) [CLICK HERE]. Turn up the speakers and let it out! I BETTER GET BUSY!