Monday, February 1, 2010

Stripper Shoes & A Homemade Prom Dress

Nothin' says a good time like a pair of stripper shoes and a homemade strapless lavendar-laced prom dress! A fabulous street called Hawthorne [CLICK HERE] in Portland hosts an abundance of second hand shops, boutiques & cafes. On a lazy Sunday afternoon I brought my camera along just incase I found something interesting to shoot. Voila! I am not the typical gal to have these items laying around my closet so I took interest in a mini photo shoot while sitting on an extremely uncomfortable 1960's? chaise lounger. I had a Molly Ringwald moment [CLICK HERE]. P.S. the $20 dress & $14 shoes are still available at the House of vintage, the brown & black tights with the hole in the big toe are all mine.

I mentioned in a prior post I was working with conte crayons...I stand corrected. They are neocolor II water-souluble wax pastels [CLICK HERE]. (fancy schmancy) This is a journal entry using the crayons. I have been nelecting my art journal. Spending just under an hour with no goal or plan felt pretty darn good. Lately my life has a ridgid structure loaded with deadlines and due dates. I was on a roll for about three consecutive days until I went to Hawthorne and found the shoes! My creative journalling skipped a day but of course I have all intentions of jumping right back in today ;-)