Monday, May 11, 2009

Artistically Molding the Minds of Adolescents

With the aide of my trusty husband we constructed the substrate for the 3rd grade mosaic tile project (an unwritten law of marriage that binds him to doing the brunt work of my "big idea" projects & that he in himself is an incredibly talented, intelligent, generous, dependable and clever guy...thank you!) Together a 4' x 8' donated piece of plywood and a sheet of cement board creates the base the children will adhere the black boarder tile to. The center space left blank with plywood will house the 5.5" x 5.5" "grid" blocks the students will individually create then puzzle together to compose the larger design shown below.

Last Friday was the first interaction with the 8/9 year olds. thanks to the help of volunteers and their teachers we taped down layers of art, plastic wrap and the fiberglass mesh they will tile...this Friday. The boys especially were enthralled with the thick blue painters tape. They chose to use the most pieces and to mummy their friends heads and tape their mouths (genius minds at work). Silly boys. This Friday should be interesting. Above shows the painted grid uncut for little fingers to transmogrify.