Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Life & Coleslaw

I gave new life
to an existing 
large-scale installation.

It seemed like the right thing to do
for I had shoved it into a
humiliating position
to store it safely until further notice.

Much like how life can
mosey along just fine
then abruptly shift direction.
Sure you adapt but
before you know it...
you've allowed some parts of yourself to be shoved into
an introverted space which renders you 

The piece was created to hang
in the middle of a gallery space,
viewable from all sides.

It has since been used as a studio curtain,
and then...
I shoved it into a ball in a shed full of spiders
(sad but true).

I've cut it from it's original
translucent covering
and stripped it of its rusted wire
and it now lives
as a wall hanging
as if it were a painting...

transformed from something it once was.

And then I made coleslaw...

while listening to this...
(several times... because I evidently like it THAT much)...