Sunday, June 29, 2014

Thesis Studio: En Plein Air & Bitchin Cellos

From the 2014 PNCA BFA Thesis Exhibition
to a nesting spot on the creek in my yard...

my thesis installation has a new 
place to exist.

I have the cushion and will
install it when the days of sunshine over power
the days of rain...perhaps mid July.

Its organic composition
seems right at home,
as if it were meant to be here.

It's been reunited with the 
lighting (fire hazard) I
originally purchased
for the interior of the piece
(note safe distance from filament bulbs).

The top, that once stretched 
up 26 ft. high and sprawled out 12 ft.,
now rests in a lateral position attached to
a neighboring tree.

I wrapped up two-thirds of that section 
into a bundle-like cocoon.

Transforming the work from gallery/studio space
to the two trees in the outdoors
proved to be a worth while effort.

It's been raining, and raining, and raining.
Nature has mingled 
with the tarlatan fabric and wire structure.

Rust immediately began to drip
and stain the fabric.

From the inside 
a patina has added an additional layer.

The entrance.

The internal view looking up is now closed off
as it once gave the viewer a portal to the ceiling it once
connected to.

It now crimps at the neck.
It was too heavy and cumbersome
to wrestle the top portion
up into the trees, as
it was originally designed to do.
But it works, 
yes I had an extra set of stronger muscles to help me.

It's a small maple branch but mighty strong.

I can't say it will exist here forever
but I'm looking forward to the
transformation of form and texture.


my artist math equation...
Cello + AC/DC = F-N COOL ...