Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Thesis Writing: It's about that time.

I'm done.

I've sat in this chair for far too many hours.

I've thought of a thousand things to sketch,
coat in encaustic wax, 
and wrap rusted wire around.

The things I don't have time for.

I've sung (terribly & loudly) to too many Pandora stations.

I've forgotten how to breathe.

The kind of breath that
reassures the mind and body that everything is OK.

My legs have tingled and gone numb.

So what's left?

A final proof.

Submit by Thursday by 5pm.

Photo documentation this weekend.

Create my digital portfolio.

Wait to hear pass or fix or fail.

Upload portfolio and thesis paper
into PNCA's database.

Graduation rehearsal.


BFA Exhibition opening reception.

Then really, really ... breathe.

Now I'm not really done after all

am I?

Bridge of the Gods
over the Columbia River.

I cross it twice each day.

a chic on a cello
+ a stand up bass
+ a Brit-kid singing his heart out
= I could listen to it