Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Little Shins Gig I Did

This summer I had the opportunity to work on the art staff for the Shins video, It's Only Life.

I did miscellaneous things such as:
shop for props
made fake firework packaging
maintained the stunt dog, Riot's, antlers
concoct the concept of a skateboard deck to pull James Mercer through the grass
littered a SE Portland neighborhood with newspapers and misc. objects
those are my silver trashcans in the street
(it rained during production which meant the newspapers got wet, not an easy clean up)
dug up and placed weeds in the cameras frame for the close up shots of Jim being dragged
helped the puppeteer with his costume
helped with the costumes accessories
drug James Mercer across the grassy lot on the west end of Mississippi Ave
(a bizillion times)
there may be a few other tasks but I've forgotten now that it's almost November

It was a long two days, well worth the effort.
The LA & P-Town crews were hip and dedicated to their work.
And a crazy cool guy named Hugs was a shining star.
(as well as my friend Alisha-check out her latest work)