Thursday, June 28, 2012

Encaustic Crows

I've been layering some of my photography lately
in multiple layers of textures.
I'm still intrigued with the photos of the winter crows that
always seem to be present throughout the seasons.
They stand out drastically against the
white winter sky.
I will take them further, adding encaustic wax
and more texture with oils.
They will then find their temporary
home at small local boutiques or possibly my
quiet little etsy shop [(I should give more attention to)...waiting
to connect with their future admirers.

This... a video directed by Hiro Murai.
I recently worked on
the art staff for a Shins video he directed in Portland,
of which should be completed in a month or so.
Outside of 
a summer psychology course, 
a few photo shoots and 
a hankerin' to finish my encaustic digital photos
my summer is pretty light. Fall semester will be here before I can say...
am I really crazy enough to take another five classes?!?!?!
The answer is yes,
with a grin of gratitude and pride.
One of those quick warm up paintings
that I've come to appreciate.
Oil on bond paper spring 2012.
P.S. I'm not sure why the type in this post randomly spangles inside a white box...
I'll figure that out later.