Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Effervescent Enthusiasm HEY YA!!

Last Sunday evening my husband & I accomplished the final assembly on the 3rd grade mosaic art project. A two and a half month creation reaching fruition. With the help of many volunteers & teachers along with their vision and devotion to this project coupled with the effervescent enthusiasm each and every one of those students brought to the process, it will hang in the school entryway with a comfortable enjoyment of achievement.

Each student shared their own stamp of style on each 5.5" sq. block with the tesserae provided and a color guide which was laid beneath the fiberglass mesh they adhered to. Not much of a composition individually until puzzled together to form the big picture. A lot like a pointillism piece of artwork it is best viewed from a distance.

With careful consideration for those who tiled "outside the box" we placed two different heights of blocks under the originals to raise the surfaces to three separate levels so the enigma will be a better fit. The official unveiling will take place this Friday, 12:30 at the elementary school. We will complete the celebration with an improvisational dance to Outkast's Hey Ya! [CLICK HERE]